The album consists mainly of instrumentals with reflective and mood altering tones to it. Most of the production was done by Werd who is originally from the SF bay area but has long been living in Berlin, Germany. Not long after his arrival there, he became a part of the Phaderheadz Dj crew. The crew composed the opening track on the album.

The beats are sample based from an MPC 2000 XL and computer programs, however there is also some live violin  by Kenji451 and other live instruments on selected tracks. Along the way, Montags Dust, a production team from Berlin added a different style element to the production. Sikk also made a contribution with one track. On vocals are Thailan, departing from the SF bay area, and Sundiata originally from San Jose.

The musical history includes being a part of the Audiopharmacy collective from San Francisco. In general the topics are of a struggle between an outside world and internal experience, and attempting to find some meaning and harmony by seeking a balance in experiencing the extremes. It is a kind of constant departure and arriving to an experience of life.