I have been making music since I was very young. Like so many other young musicians, I dreamed of a future where I could dedicate myself to my passion, where my interests and the interests of a record label could coexist and mutually benefit each other. It did not take long to realize that the global music industry works on its own terms, constantly leaving the hopes, dreams and careers of artists behind in the dust, like a flower in the desert, left to fend for themselves.

Over the past 30 years, I have met so many talented musicians, producers, djs, singers and rappers from all over the world who dream of nothing more than for the ability to express themselves genuinely. The lack of an honest record label, the absence of a nurturing platform for people to create, has been increasingly apparent not only to me, but to every artist that has entered my life.

This label is nothing more than a platform, a space where the artists involved can move freely and do what they do best every day, create. Long Lost Relative lives from the music that would exist even if the label did not. It is the attempt to consolidate all the efforts of the many artists who decide to release with us. Our family is not big, but an intimate group of dedicated and passionate creators from a town called Earth.

If you have found us here, it was meant to be that our paths cross, and for that i am thankful. Please share this music with other Long Lost members of our family. We may be scattered all over the world, but our thoughts and hearts can be connected through music. This music…

Long Lost Relative

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